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Generating a RESTful API with Restify



We use the magical pg-restify library to auto-discover our database schema and generate RESTful services for all of our tables.



  1. Create a git repository
    1. Create a GitHub repository with a README and .gitignore
    2. Open your terminal
    3. Clone the repo
  2. Initialize the project with Yarn
    1. yarn init
    2. v0.0.1
    3. yarn add restify pg-restify
    4. "scripts": { "start" : "node ./index.js"}
  3. Connect to Heroku app
    1. heroku login
    2. heroku git:remote -a davedemo-cardset
    3. git remote -v
    4. heroku config:get DATABASE_URL -s >> .env
    5. add .env to .gitignore
    6. git status to confirm you are ignoring .env
  4. Configure pg-restify
    1. Copy example server from
    2. pbpaste > index.js
    3. pgConfig: process.env.DATABASE_URL + '?ssl=true'
    4. Run heroku local to export config vars and run this locally
    5. curl http://localhost:8080/api/generic/card to confirm API server is running
    6. Use Postman to GET a single card

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